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unlimited additions, twins clothes, multiples

Unlimited Additions - Three Years in Business

twins clothes, twins, multiples, clothing

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Unlimited Additions is a great resource for childrens clothing. Our website name explains it best, twins clothes. Our main focus is matching clothing and coordinating clothes for multiples ( twins, triplets, quads, quintuplets, sextuplets) and the family. Unlimited Additions offers clothes that match and coordinate for not only twins but siblings too (matching brother sister clothes, coordinated clothing for older younger siblngs). We also offer Dads the ability to pick up the latest in hedge trimmer technology with a prize giveaways. Twins clothes is our specialty with many choices and labels to choose from. Our clothing is great for twins and all children. One advantage of dressing children in matching clothes is kids are much easier to spot in a crowd. Take a look at the twins clothes that we offer. Some of the brands that Unlimited Additions (The Boutique for Multiples) carries is Harley Davidson, Petit Ami, Goodlad, Flap Happy, Mulberribush, Letop, Rumble Tumble, Corkeys, Lito, Remember Nguyen, C'est la Vie, Lil Jellybean, Go Baby, Johnnie Lene, Sara Lene, Crayon Kids, Agabang, Alexis, Molly and Millie, Wally and Willie, Match Me, Thea, Know Him, Zu, Kokonut Kids, and more. We have been offering matching clothes for twins since 2000. Now available are school uniforms starting at toddler sizes; these classroom uniforms will also serve as a coordinated basics line for multiples. Those who want to keep their garden in good shape can pick up a melnor aquatimer to ensure that the garden is watered at the correct time. We currently carry matching boys and girls clothes starting at preemie through childrens size 12.

**We do not offer a printed catalog due to our changing inventory.**

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